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Ramblox introduces 480GB Enterprise SSD solutions.


A2ZEON, a leading memory manufacturer known for its high quality DRAM memory modules and flash, introduced its 480GB SSD.

As the data storage market demands faster, more energy efficient solutions in a smaller footprint, solid state drives (SSDs) offer the promise of higher performance, reduced power consumption, and reduced space requirements.

At A2ZEON, we know how critical the endurance and reliability, optimized storage performance, and the attractively reasonable cost affect the enterprise storage applications. . In enterprise environments, applications such as database indexing, server virtualization, online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, content delivery networks (CDN) and cloud computing require ultra-fast access to hot data. Our high-density, optimized-performanced 480G SSD gives the enterprise application a perfect storage solution.

A2ZEON's 480G SSD has the following performance feature:


  Lifetime Performance - will not degrade over time
  TRIM support (O/S support required)
  Windows (32-bit & 64-bit), Linux and Mac OSX
  Ultra-efficient Block Management and Wear Leveling

Fast Performance          

  Sequential Read: up to 550MB/s
  Sequential Write: up to 515 MB/s
  Random Read IOPS @ 4K blocks: up to 60K
  Random Write IOPS @ 4K blocks: up to 60K 

Reduced Power Requirements          

  No moving parts
  Super-low operating and standby powerneeds

   [Typical (mW) <5W, Sleep/Slumber: 200mW]
  Power requirements notably reduced over a typical HD


  MTTF (PoH): 2M
  Up to 24 9-bit Symbols Correction per 512 9-bit Symbol
  Non-recoverable Read Errors: (> 1 sector per bits read) 10^16


  256-bit AES compliant Data Encryption
  User Selectable Password prior to boot
  User Selectable Password runtime
  Secure Erase (Factory Reset - ATA)






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